Our Team


Sal Recca, Owner & Lead Craftsman

A self-taught woodworker, Sal found an early talent for creating with his hands. After years cultivating his skills building handmade products sold online, he successfully devised a portfolio of local residential projects and segued into commercial spaces in 2014. His acute execution of construction & fabrication demonstrate his innate talents to deliver service with precision and finesse.


Sabrina Recca, Owner & CAO

Though she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Religious studies, Sabrina spent much of her academic career working for small, local companies learning business management first-hand. Upon graduation, she partnered with Sal to legitimize the progression of his already thriving business. Her role as Chief Administrative Officer has propelled Unrefined Designs’ success for the past 5 years.


Mike Cook, Chief Creative Office & Sales Manager

Better known as “Craft Brew Mike,” some of his days consist of wrangling cats. But, most of his time is spent creating EPIC projects, large and small, for our customers. With over 25 years of print & design knowledge his passion for the craft shows in his attitude, smile, and plethora of proven product results which leads him to create a large network for future growth at Unrefined Designs. In his off-duty hours….. just kidding, there are no off-duty hours - creativity works 24 / 7! But he does like to travel the globe and relax with his wife at the Beach.

Bill Dougherty, Lead Metal Fabricator

Using metal as his medium, Bill combines creativity, ingenuity, and technical skill to achieve superior results in fabrication. With an artistic vision and a keen eye for design, he strives for a certain unique excellence in every build.


Sassafras Studios, Lisa & Kurt Masteller

Our go-to design team for commercial projects, Sassafras Studios are the best company in the business. Lisa’s design skill immeasurably surpasses expectation - every time. With Kurt at the helm, rendering each space digitally to provide client’s with a tangible image for their potential dream build, Sassafras is an unstoppable team.

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